Confetti Party

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Game description

Confetti Party

It’s time for a party. Blow up the balloons yourself by hovering your hand over the balloon for a while. The players are challenged to blow up as many balloons as possible by looking closely at colours and shapes. The right choice is rewarded with confetti. Picked the wrong balloon? Then it will deflate. Oops! Confetti party is a dynamic group game with lots of fun.

Confetti-feest spel tovertafel



Make the game more fun

  • Count the balloons with the players when they pop one last time at the end of the game.
  • Name the colours and shapes of the balloons that you see


Level 4

It’s possible to make ‘mistakes’ while playing these games. The aim is to make the players think and reason. Their reactions can influence whether or not they reach the final goal.