Tovertafel voor ouderen met dementie

Installing updates and connecting to the Internet


To ensure you always have access to new games and content it is important to update the Tovertafel regularly. (Note: this only applies if you have an Open Play & Learn subscription.)

  • Is your Tovertafel connected to the Internet?
    Then you barely have to do anything. The Tovertafel will mention when a new update is available and ask whether you want to download it. Select ‘OK’ in case you wish to update the Tovertafel right now. If you select the option ‘Later’, the notification will show again whenever you turn on the Tovertafel again.
    NOTE: Wait half a minute after updating. Is your Tovertafel not responding properly yet? Then restart the unit.
  • Are you not yet connected to the Internet or can you only connect the Tovertafel temporarily?
    Watch the video where you’ll find a step-by-step explanation of how to establish the connection. You can then install the update by clicking ‘Update’ in the Tovertafel menu.

Haven’t received a new update notification? Contact us at: +31 (0) 85 303 4819, or

Instruction videos and user guides

Would you like to know how the Tovertafel works or how our care innovation can best be mounted? Then read our user guide here or watch our videos.

Problems with updating?

Are you unable to update your Tovertafel? Send us your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How much does the Tovertafel cost?
    You can find more information about our prices if you contact us.

    Can the Tovertafel be moved?
    Yes, that’s possible. Tovertafel 1 units are provided with four ceiling mounts; Tovertafel 2 units with two. The click-and-ready system allows you to easily move the unit.

    How do I know which game to turn on for which resident?
    Each Tovertafel game has a game level. If you don’t know which level is appropriate for your group of players, we recommend that you can start with a level 3 game. You can then choose a higher or lower level for the next game, depending on the players’ reactions. In this video we will explain how to supervise a game.

    Is the Tovertafel proven to be effective?
    Yes, the beneficial effects of the Tovertafel are based both on research and on user experiences. For more information, click here.

    What is the Open Play & Learn subscription?
    With the Open Play & Learn subscription, you have unlimited access to all games for all your target group. as well as access to our online portal My Tover with the best game tips, videos and much more.

    All Frequently Asked Questions