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Leisure Memo

Find the two pictures together! Put your hand on a card so that it turns over. This challenging game stimulates the brain in a playful way. Everyone can help: who turns over the card, who recognises the image and who knows where the other is? When all the matches are found, the pictures appear on the screen again. Then there is time for a chat about what players used to do in their free time.

Tover Lab

Personalize your play experience

Tover Lab allows you to customize this game by using either your own images or pre-selected ones.
Leisure Memo game


Make the game more fun

  • Challenge the players and play the game with 10 or 12 cards.
  • Let players search for the right match together. That way, everyone participates!


Level 5

Level 5 games focus on the part of the brain that controls executive functions. Executive function is responsible for many skills, including planning and decision making. Note: level 5 games are too challenging for people in the middle and late stages of dementia.