Claims and effects

With Tovertafel we want to achieve effects that have a positive influence on the well-being of our players, their loved ones, teachers and carers. Claims we make can be substantiated by (scientific) research. Below you will find a list of our references.

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Effects on players
• Increases physical activity (1,3,4,6-8)
• Breaks through apathy (1,3,5)
• Reduces restless and tense behaviour (2-5)
• Reduces negative emotions (1,3-5) and increases positive emotions (3-7)
• Increases social interaction (3-8) and enjoyment (3-7)
• Increases alertness and focus (6-8)

Effects on care staff
• Improves relationships between care workers and residents (4,5)
• Promotes interaction and helps to make contact (4,5)
• Increases work pleasure (3,4)

Effects on family and friends
• Makes visits more enjoyable and meaningful (4,5)
• Increases possibilities for activities during visits (4,5)



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