The power of purposeful play

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Tover takes play seriously

At Tover, our collective goal is to create a more caring and inclusive world for people with cognitive challenges. Together with care professionals, we strive to provide care that is designed around memorable moments and quality of life. How do we achieve this? With serious games with a proven track record of positively influencing quality of life. Playing for a better existence. That’s what we call ‘purposeful play’.

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The Tovertafel

With the Tovertafel, we bring smiles to the faces of people with a cognitive challenges and to the people who support them. The Tovertafel challenges target groups to develop or maintain their skills in a fun and playful way. Together, we try to get the best out of every day: in elderly care, in residential care, community support or in special education.

  • Has been proven to be effective for people living with cognitive challenges
  • Offers a pleasant experience for both care professionals and their clients
  • Is easy to use on any surface
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Who can use the Tovertafel?

Playing is a wonderful solution for keeping clients happy and engaged. With the Tovertafel, we offer tailor-made care for seniors living with dementia and adults living with intellectual disabilities. Simple in application and use, profound in effect.

  • Tovertafel voor ouderen met dementie

    Seniors living with dementia

    The Tovertafel gently encourages people to engage with others and their environment improving the quality of life for seniors living with dementia.

    Go to Tovertafel for seniors

    Go to Tovertafel for seniors
  • Adults living with cognitive challenges

    The Tovertafel provides opportunities for interaction, achievement and stimulating fun for adults living with cognitive challenges.

    Go to Tovertafel for adults

    Go to Tovertafel for adults

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The power of Tover

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