Number Combinations

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Number Combinations

Domino halves move across the table on two colourful bands. Are the numbers on the two halves the same? Then the players have to touch them quickly before they move on. The game stimulates concentration and timing. The cognitive challenge increases with each round: matching dots, matching numbers and eventually numbers and dots. Play against each other or team up with the player on the other side. If you touch the same match at the same time, you both win.

Spelfoto Cijferkoppels Volwassenen Tovertafel


Make the game more fun

  • Play in teams for extra excitement and success experiences!
  • Challenge the players to pay close attention and not make mistakes. This encourages focus and patience.


Level 4

It’s possible to make ‘mistakes’ while playing these games. The aim is to make the players think and reason. Their reactions can influence whether or not they reach the final goal.