Crowdfunding starter package

Are you looking for funding for a Tovertafel for your facility? Or do you want to help a care institution raise money to buy a Tovertafel? With this convenient starter package, doing your own fundraising has never been easier.

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Before you start your campaign or fundraiser, you might want to go through these tips. Here you will find tips for an online crowdfunding campaign. Do you have any tips? Share them with us! This way, we can make the Tovertafel available to as many care institutions as possible.

Tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign

To share online

You can use these sample texts and images to let your entire online network know that you are saving for a Tovertafel. Post on your social media channels, send out a press release or write about it in your newsletter. Anything is possible!

  • Press release

    A press release is a great way to let everyone know that your care institution or school is getting a Tovertafel. Send it to the local press and other interested parties. Maybe you'll get media coverage in a local newspaper or on TV. The more attention, the better!

    Download press release sample text

    Download press release sample text
  • Social media

    Crowdfunding requires effort. Posting regularly on social media will keep donors and potential donors informed and ensure you stay top of mind. The social media texts below will help you get started.

    Sample text social media

    Sample text social media
  • Newsletter

    E-mail newsletters are very effective for reaching out to a large number of people at an instant. Does your care institution or school already have a newsletter? Then this is the ideal way to inform everyone about your crowdfunding campaign and to attract more donors.

    Newsletter sample text

    Newsletter sample text
  • Download video

    People love to share videos on social media. Explain in your post that you are saving for a Tovertafel and how people can donate. Have you set up an online fundraiser? Then add a link to your message. The video will do the rest.

    Video download

    Video download

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