3 Takeaways from Purposeful Play for Challenging Behaviours Webinar with Teepa Snow and Carrie Aalberts

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As a care professional, managing challenging behaviors related to dementia is an important aspect of your daily duties. In our recent webinar featuring renowned dementia care specialist Teepa Snow and Carrie Aalberts, we explored common triggers and causes of challenging behaviors in people with dementia. Here, we present three valuable insights from the webinar, focusing on how purposeful play can enhance the well-being of people living with dementia (PLwD) and the benefits the Tovertafel can bring for them. 

1. Understanding Each Resident’s Needs:

Instead of solely trying to fix behaviors or manage unpleasant situations, caregivers can benefit from understanding each resident’s GEMS State. Developed by Teepa Snow, this behavior model helps caregivers recognize that a resident’s brain can change due to various factors. By seeing residents for their abilities rather than focusing on their “loss” of abilities, caregivers can offer the appropriate level of support while promoting independence. Tailoring care to individual needs improves the overall caregiving experience.

2. Re-directing Focus During Difficult Moments:

Engaging in purposeful play can be an excellent way to redirect the focus of residents during difficult times. For example, participating in purposeful activities can keep residents occupied and enable caregivers to provide better assistance during periods of sundowning, a time in which there can be heightened challenges, such as agitation, pacing, and wandering.

Similarly, during meal times, residents may refuse to participate, but by shifting their attention to a purposeful activity, such as engaging in serious games, caregivers may introduce a much-needed distraction and transform the moment into a more positive and enjoyable experience where residents feel comforted.

Watch the full webinar!

If you’re eager to delve deeper into purposeful play and other helpful tips from speakers Teepa Snow and Dementia Darling, we invite you to watch the full webinar recording. Gain valuable insights and support your daily care techniques. Don’t miss Teepa Snow’s presentation as well!

Together, we can create a more enriching and supportive environment for individuals living with dementia.