The power of purposeful play

Discover Tover and the Tovertafel

The Tovertafel

The Tovertafel is an award-winning serious games system for dementia and intellectual disability care. Tovertafel means ‘Magic Table’ in Dutch, and magic is exactly what our technology delivers to those with cognitive challenges and their care providers. Our serious games unlock memorable moments and are proven to enhance quality of life. Playing for a better existence; that’s what we call ‘purposeful play’.

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How does the Tovertafel work?

The Tovertafel’s innovative light projections challenge players to develop or maintain their skills in a fun and playful way. Whether that’s in senior care, nursing homes, or intellectual disability. Through the power of play, we provide care that is designed to create meaningful connections and enrich quality of life.

The Tovertafel’s interactive light projections:

  • are scientifically-proven to improve quality of life for people with cognitive challenges
  • allow care professionals and their clients to feel more at ease  
  • are easy to use on any surface

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