Music Hits

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Music Hits

It’s impossible to sit still with these familiar songs! See the music notes emerge from the jukebox and dance across the table. Tap in time with the music, hit the balls as soon as they touch the drums and get more tunes as a reward! Moving to the rhythm of the music creates a positive atmosphere. Whether it’s listening quietly, swaying or singing, everyone will join in!


  • Que Sera, Sera (Jay Livingston / Ray Evans)
  • Sweets for my Sweet (Jerome Doc Pomus/ Mort Shuman)
  • Rhythm of the Rain (John C. Gummoe)
  • Les Champs-Elysées  (Mike Wilsh / Mike Deighan)
  • Oh when the Saints go Marching in
  • My Bonnie is over the Ocean

Music Hits


Make the game more fun

  • Want to pick a favourite song? Use the arrows on the remote control to navigate up and down the list!
  • More than four players? Stimulate interaction by letting two players play the same drums together.


Level 4

It’s possible to make ‘mistakes’ while playing these games. The aim is to make the players think and reason. Their choices impact if they reach the final goal.