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Games for people with cognitive challenges

With the Tovertafel games, we bring personalized care to your doorstep. The games are specifically designed to improve the quality of life for people with cognitive disabilities. Quality care and enjoyment in one.

More about our games

Personalized care for our target audiences

  • Wat is de Tovertafel voor ouderen met dementie?


    Tovertafel 2 conquers apathy and stimulates brain activity in elderly people living with dementia.

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  • Adults

    Stimulate adults with an intellectual disability at their own level and promote social interaction.

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What are the effects of playing?

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Play at every level

Tovertafel challenges everyone. The games have added value for each client as everyone can take part at their own level. In this way, we promote playing together for each target audience. This is not only beneficial for the players, but also for the people who work with mixed groups of clients. Even the smallest of hand movements are detected thanks to the Tovertafel’s clever technology. Everyone can join in the fun with Tovertafel!

How do we develop our games?

  • Co-design

    We believe that designing games starts with immersing yourself in the world of the target audience in order to really understand what their needs are. Therefore, we devise our products together with our target audiences. This is how we create games that truly have an impact.

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    Tover does research. We continuously research the world of our target audiences and the effect of our games on the players. In this way, we are able to create games that fit seamlessly with the needs and requirements of both the target audience and care professionals.

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