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The Tovertafel

At Tover, we are serious about play. We believe that play is an essential tool for people with cognitive challenges. The Tovertafel promotes unlimited and meaningful play. Simple in installation and use, profound in effect. That's purposeful play!

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Who can benefit from the Tovertafel?

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  • Tovertafel voor ouderen met dementie


    Tovertafel 2 conquers apathy and stimulates brain activity in elderly people living with dementia.

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  • Adults

    The Tovertafel 2 connects and challenges adults with intellectual disabilities to get the best out of themselves.

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This is what makes Tovertafel special

  • Smart


    Thanks to clever technology, the Tovertafel responds to even the smallest of hand movements. The Tovertafel games stimulate each player at his or her own level.
  • User-friendly


    The Tovertafel can be installed and moved quickly and easily thanks to the simple click-and-ready system.

    The Tovertafel 2 projects interactive images that are razor sharp, at any time of the day.
  • Unlimited


    Tovertafel 2 provides unlimited play possibilities! The Open Play & Learn subscription gives you unlimited access to games for your target audience.

    We also offer 24/7 inspiration and support through our personal online platform.

The Tovertafel games

The Tovertafel games consist of interactive light projections that bring about more than wonder and fun alone: they create effects by stimulating four important areas of the brain. We offer a wide range of serious games that have been developed for our three target audiences together with experts from the field. This allows us to provide each group with custom made care and games that meet their specific needs.

Discover the Tovertafel games
  • Tover: proven to be effective

    Did you know that everything we do is supported by research? The first Tovertafel emerged from the PhD research of Tover's CEO and creator of the Tovertafel Hester Le Riche at Delft University of Technology. Research still plays a central role in the development and evaluation of the Tovertafel. We are convinced that our products can only truly meet the needs and requirements of our target audiences if they play an important role in the development process. Therefore, all games are developed in co-design: in close cooperation with care professionals, teachers and the players themselves.

    Interested in how we conduct research?

    Interested in how we conduct research?


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