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The Tovertafel

At Tover, we take play seriously. The Tovertafel’s system projects interactive images onto flat surfaces that promote meaningful play for people with cognitive challenges. Easy to install, powerful in effect.

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Who can benefit from the Tovertafel?

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  • Tovertafel voor ouderen met dementie


    The Tovertafel combats apathy and stimulates brain activity in seniors living with dementia.

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  • Adults

    The Tovertafel promotes connection and challenges adults with intellectual disabilities to improve their quality of life.

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  • Children

    The Tovertafel trains the social-emotional skills of children with special needs

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What makes the Tovertafel so special?

  • Smart


    Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, the Tovertafel responds to even the smallest of hand movements.

    Its games are also adaptable, so you can make sure each player can be stimulated at his or her level.
  • User-friendly


    The Tovertafel is easy to install and move around thanks to its simple click-and-ready system.

    The innovative system projects interactive images that are razor-sharp at any time of the day.
  • Unlimited


    On our Open Play & Learn subscription plan, you get unlimited access to games for your clients.

    You also receive 24/7 support and resources through our online portal.

The Tovertafel’s games

Our games bring about more than just fascination and fun: they have incredible effects because they stimulate four important areas of the brain. We develop our games specifically for our target groups in collaboration with industry experts. This way, we can provide tailored care that meets individual needs. 

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  • Proven effective

    Did you know that everything that we do is supported by research? Our founder, Hester, actually designed the first Tovertafel as a result of her PhD. Certified data and insights play a central role in the development of the Tovertafel, so that we can truly provide the best care possible. That’s why all of our games are developed in co-creation with care professionals, teachers, and players themselves.

    Find out more about how we conduct research

    Find out more about how we conduct research

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