The Tovertafel as part of scalable interventions: McKinsey Health Institute

McKinsey & Company recently highlighted in an article how access to technology like the Tovertafel could increase the quality of life while managing age-related diseases. The Mckinsey Health Institute (MHI) has written about six shifts that could help governments, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, health and wellbeing stakeholders, make improvements in the potential of healthy aging.

Game-based therapy such as the Tovertafel system stimulates physical activity and is correlated with reduced sadness and increased social interaction in adults living with mid- to late-stage dementia.

One of the six shifts identified by MHI is the use of scalable interventions like incorporating social and physical activities, stress reduction, support groups, and more. This is where Tovertafel’s technology is mentioned for its ability to reduce sadness and increase social interaction in seniors living with dementia.

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