The power of purposeful play

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The Tovertafel

The Tovertafel is an award-winning serious games system for dementia and intellectual disability care. Tovertafel means ‘Magic Table’ in Dutch, and magic is exactly what our technology delivers to those with cognitive challenges and their care providers. Our serious games unlock memorable moments and are proven to enhance quality of life. Playing for a better existence; that’s what we call ‘purposeful play’.

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How does the Tovertafel work?

The Tovertafel’s innovative light projections challenge players to develop or maintain their skills in a fun and playful way. Whether that’s in senior care, nursing homes, or intellectual disability. Through the power of play, we provide care that is designed to create meaningful connections and enrich quality of life.

The Tovertafel’s interactive light projections:

  • are scientifically-proven to improve quality of life for people with cognitive challenges
  • allow care professionals and their clients to feel more at ease  
  • are easy to use on any surface
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Who can use the Tovertafel?

Playing serious games is an incredible way to promote happiness and engagement in caregiving. The Tovertafel offers tailor-made solutions for both seniors living with dementia and adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities. Simple to use, profound in effect.

The power of Tover

  • Backed by research

    We don’t just say our solutions are powerful, they’re proven to be. Tover is the only serious games provider for people with cognitive disabilities with scientifically-proven effects. We work closely with researchers to identify new developments so we can create games that truly fit our users’ needs.

    Read more about research

    Read more about research
  • Support en service bij Tover

    Top-tier service and support

    We know how important it is to be supported. Which is why we provide care professionals and family members with guidance on how to use the Tovertafel through our easy-to-access online portal: My Tover. From installation tips, to game guides, and more!

    Read more about service

    Read more about service
  • Co-design en Wetenschappelijk onderzoek staan centraal bij Tover

    Co-design for greater impact

    When designing games for people with cognitive challenges, it’s important to put yourself in their shoes. Which is why we develop our products in close collaboration with the audiences they’re intended for. This is what we call co-design.

    Read more about Co-design

    Read more about Co-design

What do our customers say about the Tovertafel?

  • Testimonial Tovertafel
    Bob Van Dyk
    President, Van Dyk Healthcare

    Everyone including our staff are enjoying and benefitting from this amazing product

  • Simone Höschle
    Geriatric nurse

    We cannot achieve this with the care we normally provide

  • Pam Tokarczuk
    Alzheimer’s and Dementia Program Director

    The Tovertafel gives residents the opportunity to express themselves

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