Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Tovertafel and installation

When can I expect my Tovertafel?
Your Tovertafel will be delivered within four weeks of receipt of your contact information.

How long does it take to install the Tovertafel?
This depends of course on your own experience, but you should allow an average of two hours per mounting location.

Can the Tovertafel be moved?
Yes, that’s possible. Tovertafel 1 units are provided with four ceiling mounts; Tovertafel 2 units with two. The click-and-ready system allows you to easily move the unit. Do you need more ceiling mounts? Then please contact us.

How do I install and use the Tovertafel?
You can find the user guide and installation guides here. Installation requires attaching the mount to a suitable weight bearing structure and ensuring there is a power point accessible nearby. Please contact our service team if you have any questions prior to installation.

What is included with the Tovertafel as standard?
The Tovertafel comes with two ceiling mounts, a remote control, a hanging hook and an extender.

How do I install updates on the Tovertafel?
Click here for instructions.

Where can I find the technical specifications of the Tovertafel?
You can find the specifications here.

Can I also purchase the Tovertafel in a mobile setup?
The Tovertafel comes with two ceiling mounts that can be mounted in different places. We deliberately chose for a ceiling-mounted system. In this way, the Tovertafel takes up the least space and is hardly noticed by the players. This helps to create the magical ‘Tovertafel’ effect! The new click-and-ready system makes it really easy to move the unit.

Do you carry out repairs? And what if the repair falls outside the warranty period?
Minor issues, such as software-related problems, are mostly solved remotely. In the case of hardware failures, we will pick up your Tovertafel and repair it at our service point. A replacement Tovertafel unit will be mounted so that you can continue to play while repairs are being carried out. The repairs will be carried out free of charge if they occur within the original or extended warranty period. If your Tovertafel were to malfunction after the warranty has expired, or in the event of improper use, you would be responsible for footing the repair bill.

What is the ideal distance from the Tovertafel to the table top, and how big should the table be?
See the installation guide for information on installation height and size of the playing surface.

Tovertafel and target groups

What target groups can use the Tovertafel?
We currently have two target groups: older people with dementia and adults with intellectual disabilities.

What are the effects of the Tovertafel on these target groups?
In older people living with dementia, the Tovertafel helps people to connect with others and their environment whilst stimulating physical activity and and reducing restless behaviour.

The Tovertafel provides the opportunity for adults with intellectual disabilities to enjoy an activity, each at their own level, both as a group and in a one-on-one setting.

Is the Tovertafel proven to be effective?
Yes, the beneficial effects of the Tovertafel are based both on research and on user experiences. For more information, click here.

How do I know which game to turn on for which resident?
Each Tovertafel game has a game level. If you don’t know which level is appropriate for your group of players, we recommend that you can start with a level 3 game. You can then choose a higher or lower level for the next game, depending on the players’ reactions.

How do I know if the Tovertafel meets the needs of our target group?
Our games are developed in co-design, meaning in collaboration with our target groups. This way, we ensure that our games meet the needs and wishes of the people they are designed for. Are you uncertain if the Tovertafel is suitable for your target group? Then please contact our sales team.

Tovertafel and prices

What is the Open Play & Learn subscription?
With the Open Play & Learn subscription, you have unlimited access to all games for all your target group, as well as access to our online portal My Tover with the best game tips, videos and much more.

Can I try out the Tovertafel?
Yes, we can bring a Tovertafel to your facility or courier a unit to you for a demonstration and a brief loan if required to see the reactions of your residents and care teams.

How do I buy a Tovertafel?
We’re happy to hear that! You can request a quote via this contact form or send an e-mail to

I would like an online demo. Can this be arranged?
Of course! You can always request a demonstration. To do so, please complete this contact form or email us directly at

Tovertafel and use

How many games do I get with my Tovertafel?
With the Open Play & Learn subscription, you have unlimited access to all games for all your target group.

How do I learn how to use the Tovertafel?
On our customer portal ‘My Tover’ you can find a variety of information and tips on use of the Tovertafel. In addition, our employees are always on hand to provide remote instructions.

What table top is most suitable for the Tovertafel?
The Tovertafel is suitable for almost every table surface, both in terms of colour and material. Light, matte tables tend to work best. Shiny or mirrored surfaces generally do not work as well, but that can be solved with a tablecloth.

Do you need to draw the curtains while playing?
No, this isn’t necessary. We have developed the Tovertafel so that it can be used by and with residents in the most common situations. Drawing the curtains to make the projections more visible may only be necessary in exceptional cases with bright sunlight shining directly onto the table.

Can the games also be projected onto the floor?
Yes they can. The idea behind the Tovertafel is that everyone can participate at his or her level and that no one is excluded. So, for residents or clients with mobility challenges, it is important that safety is considered and it is likely that they are best to play from a seated position or if encouraging mobility strengthening, that a care team member is supporting them in standing and playing. Projecting on the floor can be a fun physical activity and an extra challenge for people where maintaining or improving mobility is the goal and for those with an intellectual challenge not impacting their physical capacities.. Projecting on a lying mat can also offer an activity for people with a physical disability. However, this requires more guidance and it is therefore not possible to play independently.

How do I encourage my team to start using the Tovertafel?
On our customer portal ‘My Tover’ you can find a variety of information and tips on use of the Tovertafel. Let your team watch this video.

How can I make game sessions with the Tovertafel more varied?
This video provides additional game tips.

The Tovertafel does not work. What should I do?
Try to turn the Tovertafel off completely. Turn off the Tovertafel with the remote control. Let the unit cool down and wait for the two beeps. Turn the black main switch (I/0) off. See top or bottom of the Tovertafel unit. Wait approximately 30 seconds. Turn the black button back on and press the red button on the remote control.

If this does not solve the problem, please contact us.