Our approach

Tovertafel projectie kinderen

Tover designs

We do this for a specific reason. By controlling the entire product development ourselves, we have a lot of influence on the process and the end result. This allows us to guarantee high-quality products.

Thanks to our in-house production, we can:

  • continue to develop and improve our products
  • base everything we do on research
  • design all our products through co-design methods, working closely with our users

Achieving real effects

Quality is priority number one for Tover. We only bring products to market that have a proven record of achieving outstanding results. Cooperation with the target group and research play an important role in the development of our products.

  • Vacatures


    New games and products are developed in collaboration with experts and stakeholders from the field from around the world.

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  • Research

    We are always on the lookout for new developments that can improve to the quality of life of our target groups. This way, we are able to create games that fit seamlessly with the needs and requirements of both the target group and their care staff.

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  • Portret Mathijs Konings

    10 million moments of happiness in the care ecosystem

    Head Product Development and co-founder of Tover Mathijs Konings is convinced that care innovations can increase personal contact and create moments of happiness in the care sector.
    "Someone may grab your hand or start dancing. That's the effect the Tovertafel has on people."

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