The Tovertafel, the only scientifically proven, best in class, interactive game system designed specifically for people living with cognitive challenges, ensuring ultimate harmony and happiness amongst clients & staff!

When choosing our product, you purchase the Tovertafel device (Tovertafel* or Tovertafel Pixie) next, you choose your game plan (for your specific target group). Discover our options here:

Tover is a manufacturing company that works with dedicated distribution partners to sell the Tovertafel. Therefore, pricing information or quotes can be obtained through our partners.

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  • Kim Salvio
    Providence Point - USA

    The Tovertafel is meeting more needs than the team at Providence Point ever imagined. Not only is it helping their residents to become engaged physically and cognitively, but staff are also enjoying the games and feel less stressed. The Tovertafel has even helped Providence Point become more competitive in a saturated local market.

  • Brandi Blizzard
    Arbor Courts - USA

    That’s one of the reason Arbor has chosen Tover is because it was specifically designed for adults living with dementia. It wasn’t a product that was made for children that was then tried to be modified and adapted for seniors because there’s a difference and you can tell that difference in those products. And that’s one of the reasons we chose this product and how beneficial it is and we love that it promotes that social connection for folks and the variety of those games and how some are just sensory, some have a purpose, some have goals.

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