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Introducing the new Tovertafel Pixie

Improving the quality of life of people with dementia is now possible everywhere. The Tovertafel Pixie allows you to project interactive games and stimulating or relaxing images, wherever and whenever you want, and seamlessly fits into assisted daily living activities. Taking good and personalised care of people living with dementia is now easier and more fun than ever! Are you ready to experience it?

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What makes the Tovertafel Pixie so special?

  • Tovertafel Pixie persoonlijk



    Stimulate a more intimate atmosphere, where you can truly connect and build trust with the people you take care of. Tovertafel Pixie's projector has been designed specifically for sessions between one resident or a small group and a care professional or family member. This makes it easier to focus attention and provide an appropriate and captivating activity., With the Tovertafel Pixie, person-centred care is even easier to provide.
  • Tovertafel Pixie veelzijdig



    The interactive games and soothing images of the Tovertafel Pixie can be projected on multiple surfaces, automatically adjusting to each situation. Effortlessly, create a meaningful recreational activity that stimulates residents, have fun playing a game on the table during a family visit, or generate a peaceful moment before going to sleep with pleasing images on the wall or ceiling.
  • Tovertafel Pixie mobiel



    Provide the best care to residents where it is needed! For example, the Tovertafel Pixie can be used in a resident's bedroom to calm them down. Or simply in the living room to play a fun game in a small group. You can easily carry the Tovertafel Pixie to another room, so multiple groups can enjoy and benefit from it!

The serious games of Tovertafel Pixie

The new Tovertafel Pixie has been specially developed for people with dementia. Its serious games have been co-designed with residents and care professionals, which makes it highly relevant to this specific target group. These games support the creation of a more personal environment, adapting to every moment’s specific needs.

  • Coloured lens

    Available for wall and ceiling
    A colourful light source slowly spreads. Be in the moment and enjoy the experience.

    More about this game

    More about this game
  • My puppy

    Available for table
    This cute puppy can't wait to be stroked!

    More about this game

    More about this game
  • Lava bubbles

    Available for wall and ceiling
    The lava can take on any colour and shape. Immerse yourself in the fascinating spectacle.

    More about this game

    More about this game
  • Tovertafel Pixie muziek

    Purposeful play

    Creating a moment of recognition, relaxation after restlessness or boosting self-confidence: the serious games developed by Tover improve the quality of life for elderly people with dementia and increase job satisfaction for healthcare workers. This is how we make an impact together.

    Learn more about Tover

    Learn more about Tover
  • Hoe verplaats je Tovertafel Pixie


    When designing games for people living with dementia, it is very important to put yourself in their shoes. That's why, at Tover, we develop our products together with our players and their caregivers. We call this co-design.

    Discover more about our co-design approach

    Discover more about our co-design approach
  • Portret Mathijs Konings
    Mathijs Konings
    Co-founder & CPO at Tover

    "Tovertafel Pixie is designed to overcome barriers. This innovation is very easy to move and comes to you when mobility is not obvious, putting a smile on everyone’s face."

Tovertafel Pixie

Benefits of the new Tovertafel Pixie

  • Facilitates giving personalised care and attention
  • Stimulates cognitively and physically
  • Increases social interaction and provides joy
  • Promotes relaxation and helps to calm down
  • Provides meaningful moments between care staff or family and residents
  • Increases the job satisfaction of care staff

“The Tovertafel Pixie makes me happy too. That’s actually what you want to see – that people become less restless, that they become happy or have a nice moment in the day. That’s what you do it for: that one smile. “

Louise de Haan, Movement Therapist

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