With this new music game you won’t be able to sit still

Can’t you do something with hits from the fifties and sixties? We were getting this question more and more often and that is why we are now launching our newest game Music Hits. Marije, game developer at Tover: “Music is a very powerful tool for elderly people with dementia.”

Note! You can only play this game with an Open Play & Learn subscription

In the game musical notes move across the table from the jukebox, white international hits from before 1970 play. When players touch the musical notes as they hit the drums, they’re rewarded with extra musical tones.


Using the music, players are challenged to move to the rhythm and to hit the musical notes at a certain time. But the game is also a sensory challenge: “There are various possibilities. Players can just listen, enjoy the music, sing along, sway along a bit or play along.” It also does something to the player socially: “Sometimes people start singing together. And even if you’re not sitting at the table, you’re part of it: the sounds of Muziekhits spread through the living room.”

A good mood

International hits like ‘Que Sera, Sera’ and ‘Les Champs-Elysées’ are in the collective memory of the residents. Their clear rhythm makes it easy to clap or tap along on the table. Marije: “So do you want to set a good mood in the living room? Then Muziekhits is the perfect game!”