Travel Puzzle: a getaway and a confidence-boost all in one

Travelling around the world from your living room: who doesn’t want that? The game Travel Puzzle takes seniors with dementia to attractions all over the world. And it wouldn’t be a Tovertafel game if the fun wasn’t accompanied by a serious gaming objective.

Players could already play with the games Holland Puzzle, Scenery Puzzle and Germany Puzzle. Did you already have one of these games for your Magic Table? Then you will automatically receive the expansion when you update your Magic Table this month. Because now all these games – together with some extra country puzzles – are combined in one limitless package.

An additional experience

Games for the Magic Table are always created in cooperation with the people for whom they are designed. “Travel Puzzle was developed because there was a lot of demand for these kinds of games,” says game designer Hester van Zuthem. “Our game Nostalgia Puzzle is one of the most played games. With Travel Puzzle we offer an additional experience.”

Provoking reactions 

Seniors with dementia discover while puzzling what there is to experience in their own country and beyond its borders. The pieces of the puzzle automatically fall into place when touched. “For people with dementia, it is very important to boost their self-confidence,” explains Hester. “That’s why we remove the barriers of making a puzzle, so nothing can go wrong and everyone can participate.” 

“When we design the games, we make sure that they are intuitive to play. That means that the components in the game provoke reactions from the players, but also that the game does what you expect in a pleasant way. The sounds of the game are also pleasant and almost rewarding. We take all that into account in the design.”

Nice to know

  • This game promotes self-confidence because every player contributes to the end result.
  • Each player can play the game in its own way. Some people tap on the pieces while others anticipate the final image.
  • The puzzle turns in circles at the end, so that everyone can see the end result.
  • The puzzle pieces float across the table and pass by everyone. The moving pieces are a trigger for the players to make a move. 
  • This is an ideal game to play with visiting family members. In this way, you involve more people in the Magic Table and together we create even more happy moments!

Want to know more about the Tovertafel? Watch our interactive video.