Sliding Puzzle

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Game description

Sliding Puzzle

Something is not right about this animal puzzle. The pieces are in the wrong place. The players are challenged to solve the puzzle. They can move a piece by touching it with their hand. The piece will slide into the empty spot. Playing with the puzzle stimulates the brain and solving it gives a sense of accomplishment. The animals are also a great conversation starter!
Sliding Puzzle seniors game tovertafel


Make the game more fun

  • Let the players guess the animal before they solve the puzzle. Who guesses it first?
  • Talk with the players about the animals in the puzzle. Who used to have a pet?


Level 5

Level 5 games focus on the part of the brain that controls executive functions. Executive function is responsible for many skills, including planning and decision making. Note: level 5 games are too challenging for people in the middle and late stages of dementia.