Sports Tournament

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Sports Tournament

Enter the arena and get ready for the big tournament. In this game, the emphasis is on nice moves and good teamwork. And the best part is: everyone can participate. Young or old, wheelchair or walking: everyone can participate. Take part in this inclusive tournament! Train for the sports of basketball, football and table tennis. Then the big competition can begin. In this game, everyone is a winner. Ready, steady, go!


Make the game more fun

  • Divide the group into two teams while playing the tournament
  • Play the games on the floor for a different playing experience


Dribble, aim, shoot! Ready for the ultimate basketball challenge? Score as many points as possible.

Score points by touching the ball and throwing it into the net. This game trains your gross and fine motor skills. Together with your team, try to get the highest score before time runs out. Each successful shot earns you one point. But now it gets exciting – if you manage to sweep the ball all the way to the basket, you score three points and get buried in golden rain!


  • Drag the basketball to the basket with your hand for the ‘golden score’
  • Playing in pairs? Try to touch the balls one at a time

Table tennis

Become a ping-pong pro and try to hit the balls. Who will last the longest?

Table tennis promotes movement, action-reaction and good cooperation. As soon as you touch the ball, the game starts. The aim is to pass the ball back and forth, reacting quickly. If you are not quick enough, the ball flies off the table and your opponent scores a point. The game starts quietly, but the better you get, the faster the ball will go. This means the game automatically adjusts to the players’ level.


  •  Use a real table tennis bat to enhance the experience.
  • Assign each player a colour and section of the playing field. This way you train cooperation and turn taking.


Pass the ball and score as many goals as possible: loud cheers will be heard for the winner!

A football pitch appears on the table and a whistle sounds: time for a football match. By reacting quickly, passing the ball with targeted movement and cooperation, players can score on the opponent. The cheers after a goal bring happiness and joy to all. The team with the most points wins the game.


  • Make a line-up and appoint one person as goalkeeper.
  • Use only your left hand, or your right hand. Or try a header!


Level 3

These games work toward a particular goal and require players to memorise things. To play level 3 games, the players need to hold their concentration. Every action is rewarded!