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Are you looking for funding to buy the Tovertafel? Crowdfunding is an excellent way to do that! We understand it may seem tricky. No worries; with the right tools and a caring spirit, crowdfunding has never been more straightforward. And we are here to help you every step of the way.

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Start a crowdfunding campaign - How we can help

Now – let’s roll up our sleeves! Everything you need to get started on launching a successful fundraiser campaign is right here. Our toolkit has customizable templates to replicate and kick-start the gears for your crowdfunding campaign. Copy and paste, and launch!

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Start a crowdfunding campaign


GoFundMe is a trusted fundraising platform worldwide for raising money for various causes. The platform is one of the quickest and easiest to use, and launching a campaign takes minutes. Many well-known and successful fundraisers are on GoFundMe, so we picked this platform to help bring the Tovertafel to your players. For more information on how it works,
visit GoFundMe.

Success stories of crowdfundraising initiatives

  • Sarina
    PCSOH-Westerkim, Nieuw-Vennep

    Every morning I would wake up and look at the numbers on the campaign. I noticed how much it had increased from the previous day. That really gives you a kick." [...] The crowdfunding page was just the beginning. Me and my colleagues wrote to all kinds of businesses in the area, sent a letter to all the residents' family members and shared a lot on Facebook.

  • Miranda
    Bertus Bliekhuis, Hoek van Holland

    It is important to involve the residents themselves: They were present at our activities because, of course, they are the people it is all about. Many people know the word 'dementia' but don't know what it means. Activities like the market also worked well: this way we raised 2,500 euros in one go, then it went fast.

  • Sarah
    Newark - NJ

    GoFundMe helped us tremendously in being able to purchase a Tovertafel. With the platform's user-friendly interface, we could easily create and share our fundraising campaign with our community. The response was incredible, and we raised enough funds in a short time to purchase the interactive game system. Seeing the joy on our residents' faces as they play with the Tovertafel makes all the effort worthwhile. Thanks, GoFundMe, for making it possible!

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