Tovertafel for seniors living with dementia

Together, we can improve the well-being of elderly people living with dementia. Our Tovertafel’s interactive games are specifically designed for seniors living with dementia and can be played individually or in a larger group. They are proven to be effective at physical, cognitive, social, and sensory levels. Stimulating movement, social interaction, and moments of happiness.

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Our games for seniors living with dementia…

Tovertafel games for seniors living with dementia

The Tovertafel (“magic table”), promotes more joyful, social connections for seniors living with dementia through its wide range of interactive games. Developed with seniors and care professionals, our games are designed to suit different stages of dementia and times of the day. Such as family visits and sundowning. 

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What are the best games to play with seniors living with dementia?

  • Leaves

    A firm favorite, this game activates players to swipe the swirling leaves off the table and enjoy the rustling sounds. Great for individuals and groups as an activity, it gives seniors living with dementia the feeling of being outside and keeps their attention.

    More about Leaves

    More about Leaves
  • Sheet Music

    This game allows elderly people living with dementia to be active without even noticing it. When players touch a music note, a familiar tune is played. And it can’t go wrong, as there are no false notes. The players can enjoy listening to the music and make music themselves.

    More about Sheet Music

    More about Sheet Music
  • Molehunt

    A nostalgic nod to amusement park experiences, this game encourages players to push moles back in their holes as fast as possible. Stimulating seniors living with dementia to move their arms faster and further as the moles appear.

    More about Molehunt

    More about Molehunt

Benefits of playing interactive games with seniors living with dementia

How do we develop our games for seniors living with dementia?

  • Co-design

    Tover innovates, develops, and designs. When designing games for elderly people living with dementia, we know it’s important to put yourself in their shoes. That’s why we develop our products together with people living with dementia and those who care for them. We call this process co-design.

    More about co-design

    More about co-design
  • Research

    Tover conducts research. We are always on the lookout for new developments that can help seniors living with dementia live better. Working closely with researchers, we use our findings to develop games that meet the needs of those living with dementia and their carers.

    View all studies

    View all studies
  • Service

    Tover supports. We provide care professionals and family members with extensive guidance on how to use the Tovertafel and its activities for people living with dementia via My Tover, our online platform. From installation support to smart game tips and more!

    Our service

    Our service

Tovertafel customer stories

  • Testimonial Tovertafel
    Bob van Dyk
    President - Van Dyk Health Care

    The great thing about the Tovertafel is the interaction it generates between our residents and to see how they respond and become more engaged. It really makes a difference!

  • Pam Tokarczuk
    Alzheimer’s and Dementia Program Director - Van Dyk Health Care

    Social distancing may have reduced the number of people using the Tovertafel at the same time, but it hasn’t reduced the opportunity to share laughter and joy... It’s awesome.

  • Testimonal Tovertafel Ildiko Pikali
    Ildiko Pikali
    BSW, ADC Director of Life Enrichment Horizon House

    We are incredibly grateful for what it is giving our residents on a daily basis here at Horizon House. Having the Tover has been magnetic; it has inspired joy, connection and engagement that we couldn’t of foreseen.
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