Care manager Nynke: “The Tovertafel is a wonderful tool”

Ervaringen van ouderen met de Tovertafel

Care manager Nynke Hoitinga (Ipse de Bruggen) lives for her profession and is always looking for new opportunities that enrich the lives of clients and care staff. Nynke: “I use the Tovertafel for all my groups.”

Nynke is manager of six locations at Ipse de Bruggen where care is given to people with intellectual disabilities. The Tovertafel, the interactive projected games developed for people with disabilities, is used at all six locations. The Tovertafel games respond to the clients’ movements and challenge them, each at their own level.

“We opted for the Tovertafel, because we believe it is important to be able to use the technology across all groups,” says Nynke. “We want to stimulate alertness in clients with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities. The projections provoke a response. Groups with higher developmental levels can learn a lot by playing, both from the game and each other.”

In the end, it boils down to improving the quality of life for clients. “The first time I saw the Tovertafel in action, four clients were playing the Balloons game. Their faces, their comments and the way they responded when they popped the balloons… It’s a moment of happiness for them as well as myself!”

"How can we together develop and deploy technology that makes the client's life a little more beautiful?"

Nynke Hoitinga

Tovertafel: developed for and by carers

Ipse de Bruggen is one of the co-design locations where Tover, the creator of the Tovertafel, develops the interactive games. “I think it is important that the knowledge and expertise that we, as care professionals, bring to our organisations is also used to further develop this technology. How can we work together to develop and use technology that doesn’t isolate clients from society, but makes their lives a little bit more joyful?”

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How do you design games for people with cognitive challenges? We believe it starts with putting yourself in their shoes and seeing things from their perspective. We want to develop products that fit our target groups’ needs and wishes. That’s why we develop our products together with them.

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