How do the Tovertafel’s serious games work?

Serious games are games designed to do more than just entertain. For those with cognitive challenges, serious games play an important role in providing a method of care that improves their quality of life. 

But how? 

Serious games can take many forms – board games, video games, as well as interactive games – and have different effects. 

They often work to stimulate and train cognitive function and keep individuals active and stimulated. 

The Tovertafel is designed to do just that. It is a care system that uses interactive technology to project images onto flat surfaces in the form of serious games.

Designed with and for their players

The Tovertafel’s serious games are specifically developed for individuals with cognitive challenges. They are layered, which means that they come with different levels between 1 and 5 that correspond with cognitive ability. 

To make sure that the games truly meet the needs of those who will play them, Tover’s games are developed through codesign: in close cooperation with care professionals and players. This ensures that they truly meet players’ needs. 

From relaxation to reminiscence  

The Tovertafel’s serious games range from ones that involve everyday objects and tasks such as raking virtual leaves or decorating a cake, to word puzzles, musical experiences and more. 

Tover game developer Rajiv says, “We omit any factors that cause frustration, such as having to put down a puzzle piece precisely in the right place. We only use elements that provide moments of happiness. When it comes to people with dementia, it’s more about the wonder and experience than the challenge. We’re trying to create a game that reads players’ minds, so to speak, and that the game automatically does what the player expects it to. We focus on success.” 

This is why the light projections in the Tovertafel respond to even the smallest of hand movements. It increases players’ self-confidence and motivates them to keep playing. 


These qualities are what make playing serious games a powerful method for improving the quality of care and quality of life for those with cognitive challenges. 

The Tovertafel’s serious games are scientifically-proven to produce results that are real and measurable. They not only stimulate physical activity, promote social interaction, reduce restless and tense behaviour and increase positive emotions, they also conquer apathy as a result of these effects. 

With the right serious games, you can provide cognitive, physical, social and sensory stimulation that improves happiness for players, care professionals, families and friends. That’s the power of play. 

Serious games seriously improve well-being. Read more about the Tovertafel’s serious games here.