This new music game gets everyone moving

Emma, game developer at Tover, has often been asked to create a new music game for adults with intellectual disabilities. And now there is: Music Maker!

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Research by Dutch neuropsychologist Erik Scherder has shown that, as soon as we hear music, a part of the brain that is close to the motor function becomes active. This makes us want to move.

Music Maker

In Music Maker you hear different songs that provide recognition. Music notes roll across the table from the speaker. When players touch them as soon as they reach the drums, they are rewarded with additional musical sounds. Emma: “It’s a level 4 game, because players have to both look, listen and hit the beat of the music. But it is also playable for lower levels. Think of trying to touch, move along or sing along with the music. It’s fun for everyone!”

Great things are happening through Music Maker. Emma: “At a test location there was a boy who normally does not actively participate in games. But now he started to sing along with the instrumental music of his own accord. That was very nice to see. You can see that music does something for everyone.”

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