New menu, new possibilities

Natalie met het nieuwe menu van de Tovertafel

You may have already noticed: the Tovertafel menu has changed. What are the possibilities of this new menu? User experience designer Natalie McCarthy: “With this menu we stimulate sustainable use of the Tovertafel.”

In the new menu you will find the level of each game and a short description. Natalie: “We want to help users select the right game for the right player at the right time. With the Open Play & Learn subscription, people have access to all games for their target audience, so it is important to keep an overview.”

Using the Tovertafel consciously

We also keep this overview with the Collections * and stimulate purposeful play. Users can use games in this way to achieve a certain goal or effect. “This is my favorite part of the menu, because it helps you to use the Tovertafel consciously. If someone is restless, you can, for example, opt for a collection of sensory games. This makes it easier to select a group of games and reach your goal.”

Insightful use

And those are not the only possibilities. You can also see which game is being played most often, the total time played and the most popular time to play*. “That way, players can monitor their use. This stimulates sustainable use of the Tovertafel and that’s wat we want.”

Want to know more about the Tovertafel? Watch our interactive video.

*Collections and Insights are only shown when you have an Open Play & Learn subscription