The game Football Match helps adults with intellectual disabilities to get moving

How do you get adults with intellectual disabilities to move? The game Football Match* helps you do just that.

“Movement is important for this target group,” says Emma, designer at Tover. “Unfortunately, not all sports are accessible and people are often dependent of someone else.” Moreover, due to the closure of day care facilities during the corona crisis, they are more at home and fewer people can help them. 


The football game on the Tovertafel (Magic Table) is a good way to stimulate movement. Emma: “The target group recognises the game immediately. The cheering moments and the cup at the end create moments of happiness for everyone who participates.” As a result, the game is also fun to experience and everyone is actively involved. 

On the floor

Want the game to be even more real? Emma gives the advice to put on a football shirt and make teams, making it a friendly competition. “You can play Football Match on the floor. This also makes it possible to play in a wheelchair.” 

Want to know more about the Tovertafel? Watch our interactive video.

*Football Match is only available with an Open Play & Learn subscription.