Tovertafel for children with special needs


At Tover, we are serious about play. Whether it's stimulating social-emotional learning or increasing alertness and focus, play is the ultimate solution for children with special needs. The Tovertafel helps teachers in special education to promote an inclusive classroom in which everyone can participate.

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Benefits of the Tovertafel

The Tovertafel’s innovative light projections challenge kids to practise social-emotional skills in a fun and playful way. Through the power of play, we create meaningful connections and enrich the lives of children with special needs.

The Tovertafel’s interactive light projections:

  • Contribute to an inclusive learning environment
  • Promote social-emotional learning in a safe setting
  • Stimulate executive skills
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Discover purposeful play

The Tovertafel enables children with special needs to play together, regardless of their abilities. This warm technology helps children to connect to the world in their own way, practising social-emotional skills and creating meaningful moments. The colourful, interactive projections keep children engaged and are incredibly fun! Teachers can use the Tovertafel to create an inclusive classroom in which everyone belongs.

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Spelfoto Monsterduo's Kinderen Tovertafel

Children in care

The Tovertafel also connects children in care. Our games are enjoyed by kids in hospitals and centres for child rehabilitation or psychiatry. The games connect children with each other and their families. This helps to increase emotional wellbeing and prevent feelings of loneliness. And also in care, employees use the Tovertafel to help practise important social-emotional skills.

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Tover: proven to be effective

  • Co-design

    Tover innovates, develops and designs. When designing games for children with special needs, we know it is important to put ourselves in their shoes. That’s why we develop our products together with our players, their teachers and other experts. We call this process co-design.

    More about co-design

    More about co-design
  • Research

    Tover does research. We are always on the lookout for new developments that improve the quality of life of children with special needs. This way, we can create games that fit seamlessly with the needs and requirements of the children and their families and teachers. Do you want to learn more about our studies?

    More about research

    More about research

This is what makes the Tovertafel special

  • Smart


    Thanks to its clever technology, the Tovertafel games respond to even the smallest of hand movements. The Tovertafel games stimulate each player at his or her own level.
  • Simple


    The Tovertafel can be installed and moved quickly and easily thanks to the simple click-and-ready system.

    The Tovertafel projects interactive images that are razor sharp, at any time of the day.
  • Unlimited


    Tovertafel provides unlimited play possibilities! The Open Play & Learn subscription gives you unlimited access to games for your target audience.

    We also offer 24/7 inspiration and support through our personal online platform.

Games that stimulate social-emotional learning

The Tovertafel games help teachers to practise social-emotional skills with their students. By recreating everyday moments, kids learn to handle difficult social situations. They can practise skills like taking turns or working together in a fun and engaging way.

Our serious games also challenge players cognitively and physically. Some of our games promote language development or elementary mathematical skills, while others encourage the players to get moving. The Tovertafel brings a smile to everyone’s face and helps all children to play and learn together.

Are you curious to see what games are available for children with special needs?

  • Unfold Photos

    For Tovertafel 2 | Tover Lab

    Smooth out the wrinkled paper and unveil the surprise photos in the book. What have you discovered?

    • Effect

      • Cognitive
      • Social
    • Level

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  • Seasonal Trios

    For Tovertafel 2 | Tover Lab

    Turn the cards over with your hand and look for three matching pictures. Can you find them all?

    • Effect

      • Cognitive
      • Social
    • Level

    Read more
  • farm pairs game children

    Farm Pairs

    For Tovertafel 1 & 2 | Tover Lab

    Look closely to find matching animals amongst the hand-drawn pictures and find out what they are called!

    • Effect

      • Cognitive
      • Social
    • Level

    Read more

This is what our users say

  • Ingrid
    Team Lead - Bredeschool Dukendonck, the Netherlands

    The most beautiful thing to see is that children with different abilities can play together

  • Ethel Stroobants
    Teacher ASV - St. Lodewijk, the Netherlands

    They help each other, they are more patient towards each other. While playing with the Tovertafel, they learn skills that are different from those they learn in other play activities.


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