Unfold Photos

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Unfold Photos

It’s unfolding time! A book appears with little hints on the cover. Players tap one of the four wrinkled sheets to reveal a crumpled paper and use their hands to rub it smooth. Voila! A colourful photo comes alive in front of everyone. What do you see? Prepare for more surprises as all hidden gems are uncovered until the book is complete.

Tover Lab

Personalize your play experience

Tover Lab allows you to customize this game by using either your own images or pre-selected ones.


Make the game more fun

  • Ask players if they have a story of the photo.
  • Personalise this game on Tover Lab with any photo you like by uploading it to your gallery!


Level 3

These games work toward a particular goal and require players to memorise things. To play level 3 games, the players need to hold their concentration. Every action is rewarded!