Hamster Maze

Hamster Maze

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Game description

Hamster Maze

The funny hamster runs through the tubes and the players have to help him so that he can get to his carrot. Not everyone can turn the tubes. The players have to work together so that the tubes are turned in time. The players have to keep their eye on the hamster, think ahead and visualise how it will move, because this hamster doesn’t take breaks! Three difficulty levels can be selected at the beginning of the game.

hamster maze


Make the game more fun

  • Challenge the players to go past all the broccolis first before getting to the carrot.
  • Come up with the shortest route together. Pause the game to allow more time for strategising.


Level 5

Level 5 games focus on the part of the brain that controls executive functions. Executive function is responsible for many skills, including planning and decision making. Note: level 5 games are too challenging for people in the middle and late stages of dementia.