Marble Snake

Marble Snake game Tovertafel

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Game description

Marble Snake

The funny snake keeps moving constantly and players have to touch the buttons in time to guide the snake towards the colourful marbles. But not everyone can reach all buttons. The players need to cooperate and communicate to make a plan to get the snake to the marbles. It’s also important to think ahead, because if the snake touches its own tail, the players have to start over.
Marble Snake game Tovertafel


Make the game more fun

  • First, make a plan for how you’re going to work together. This way everyone understands when they can touch the buttons.
  • Point out to the players that some marbles are worth more points. They certainly don’t want to miss those.


Level 5

Level 5 games focus on the part of the brain that controls executive functions. Executive function is responsible for many skills, including planning and decision making. Note: level 5 games are too challenging for people in the middle and late stages of dementia.