Monster Pairs

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Monster Pairs

Several cards with basic shapes and cheerful colours dance across the table. Which cards are the same as the one in the middle? The players learn to identify shapes and colours, to look closely and find matching pairs. Found the answer? Then the shape turns into a little monster that makes a funny sound.

Good to know: With the Tover Lab game Puzzle, it is also possible to create a personalized version of this game. More info.

Tover Lab

Personalize your play experience

Tover Lab allows you to customize this game by using either your own images or pre-selected ones.
Spelfoto Monsterduo's Kinderen Tovertafel


Make the game more fun

  • Point out all the shapes and colours on the table. Pause the game if players need a little more time.
  • Practise taking turns by letting the players look for a shape one at a time.
  • Use Tover Lab to create a personalized version of this game.


Level 3

These games work toward a particular goal and require players to memorise things. To play level 3 games, the players need to hold their concentration. Every action is rewarded!