My Puppy

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Game description

 My Puppy

Look at the cute puppy! This cuddly one wants players to pet it. Using your hands, caress over its head as you would with a real puppy, which activates players sensorily. The puppy looks right back at the player with eyes full of love, instilling the warmth of caring for animals. Who can resist this adorableness? Take turns, share memories of pets, and create a cherished social moment with the player.


Make the game more fun

  • Put a blanket/cushion underneath the projection to add a tactile dimension to the game.
  • Invite the resident to chat about pets. Did they have one? What was their name?
  • Let the resident think of a name for this puppy and share a smile of complicity together.


Level 2

The players do not only observe the games, but must also be able to focus their attention on them.