Travel Puzzle

Reispuzzel senioren spel tovertafel

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Game description

Travel Puzzle

Puzzles are a fun, recognisable activity, but can be frustrating. These pieces will automatically fall into place when players touch them. Together, they form recognisable places from around the world: from the Eiffel Tower to Buckingham Palace. A fun activity to do together and enough reason to relive memories.
Tovertafel spel Hollandpuzzel


Make the game more fun

  • Ask the players whether they ever went on holiday and, if they did, where?
  • Talk with the players about what they see in the image. That’s also fun if they don’t know the place.


Level 3

These games work toward a particular goal and require players to memorise things. To play level 3 games, the players need to hold their concentration. Every action is rewarded!