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Tovertafel's serious games are played by people in 14 countries all over the world. The games have a profound effect, both on the game players and their carers. Read touching testimonials and interesting stories from care workers and their clients.

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  • Testimonal United States
    Kim Salvio
    Administrator, Personal and Memory Care, Providence Point, United States

    “It’s like a magic pill

  • Pam Tokarczuk Van Dyk Healthcare
    Pam Tokarczuk
    Executive Director, Van Dyk Memory Care Center, United States

    “The Tovertafel unlocks the imagination of our residents. And for a few precious moments, it helps our residents, our families and caregivers rediscover who these extraordinary individuals truly are.”

  • Nynke Hoitinga Tovertafel
    Nynke Hoitinga
    Care manager, Ipse de Bruggen, The Netherlands

    "The projections provoke a response. Groups with higher developmental levels can learn a lot by playing, both from the game and each other.”

  • Simone Höschle
    Simone Höschle
    Facility manager, Dr.-Karl-Hohner-Heim, Germany

    "The residents immediately started playing with the leaves that were projected onto the table. Even our 100-year-old resident was in her element."

  • Uniklinikum
    Silke Wehe
    Occupational therapist, University Medical Centre Mannheim, Germany

    “The Tovertafel is a great addition to our therapy and we saw a tremendous improvement in the patients during the two-week test!”

  • Tamara Saerens
    Activity counsellor, Willekom vzw, Belgium

    "Tovertafel brings people together rather than focus on their differences. The games stimulate and challenge the players, each at their own level.”

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