Baby Monsters

baby monsters game

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Baby Monsters

In the centre of the table is an egg with thought bubbles with various food items. The egg is hungry and tells you what it wants to eat! The bubbles disappear and, after a while, the food items reappear. The players have to rub the right food to feed the baby monster. The monster will spit it out if you make the wrong choice. Get it right and the egg will get bigger and bigger until… it hatches! What will the baby monster look like?

Baby Monsters game


Make the game more fun

  • Work together to memorise what the monster wants to eat.
  • Point out the foods and ask questions. What are your favourite and least liked foods?


Level 5

Level 5 games focus on the part of the brain that controls executive functions. Executive function is responsible for many skills, including planning and decision making. Note: level 5 games are too challenging for people in the middle and late stages of dementia.