“We cannot achieve this with the care we normally provide”

At the University Medical Centre Mannheim, the Tovertafel was tested for two weeks to see what effect could be achieved in patients on the geriatrics ward. We spoke to geriatric nurse and coordinator of the geriatric consultation service Anne Stöhr, occupational therapist Silke Wehe, and geriatrics nurse Ute Weiler.

They are more than happy to share their experiences about the Tovertafel test project. Anne Stöhr: “We wanted to study how the Tovertafel is received by our patients and how we can use the technology therapeutically. The Tovertafel seemed to be very effective at first glance, but we were curious to see how patients respond to it in practice and what effect its use really has.”

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Ute Weiler introduced the Tovertafel gradually, selecting games that matched the players’ clinical characteristics. “For example, if a player still had good cognitive skills, we used puzzles or guessing games. The study showed that the Tovertafel is extremely helpful for patients. One patient with hemiparesis started to move again independently while playing with the Tovertafel, smashing bubbles with his healthy hand. Patients with social issues came out of their room to play with the Tovertafel. These were heartwarming moments!”

“The Tovertafel stimulated each patient physically, mentally as well as visually.”

Silke Wehe, occupational therapist, University Medical Centre Mannheim, Germany

The influence of the Tovertafel on daily care and therapy

According to Silke Wehe, there were more positive effects. Silke: “The Tovertafel assists greatly in calming tense or restless patients, allowing them to focus for a while. This has a positive effect on daily therapy. The Tovertafel can easily be adapted to the type of cognitive challenge and level of the patient by selecting games that target the development of specific skills. The results that can be achieved with the Tovertafel are impressive. The Tovertafel also offers an incredibly wide selection of games!”

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Every patient participates

Silke agrees: “The Tovertafel stimulated each patient physically, mentally as well as visually. Because the Tovertafel does this all by itself, we can focus on observing, guiding and supporting the patients. This opens up opportunities for a whole new way of working. The Tovertafel is a great addition to our therapy and we saw a tremendous improvement in the patients during the two-week test!”

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