Tovertafel voor ouderen met dementie

Algemene voorwaarden klantonderzoek 2022

Algemene Verkoopvoorwaarden (versie 2.0)

Tover B.V., een besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid, met hoofdkantoor aan de Hamburgerstraat 28A, 3512 NS, Utrecht, Nederland en ingeschreven in het handelsregister van de Kamer van Koophandel onder nummer 77596722, hierna ook genoemd "Tover", "wij" of "ons".


Tover has developed the Tovertafel, an interactive game console and  accompanying games for diverse groups of people with special needs ( We are continuously working on the development of Tovertafel and new games in order to achieve our goal. This also includes evaluation of the Tovertafel by its users, including its effects and the way it is used. In relation to this we would like to obtain feedback from users of Tovertafel which we can use to improve the user experience of the Tovertafel. Therefore we invited you as a user of Tovertafel to participate in our research. To ensure you deliberately participate in this research we ask for your informed consent, which means you are aware of the purpose of the study and what your rights are.

What data do we collect and why?
For this customer survey we process:

  • your email address to inform you when we’ve activated a free 5 weeks access to all games (in case you do not have an Open Play & Learn subscription with Tover yet)
  • your Tovertafel serial number to activate the free games trial
  • your email address to inform you that your free access has been terminated and to check whether or not you’re interested in receiving our Open Play & Learn subscription offer (if not already in place)
  • your email address in order to possibly contact you with an invitation for an additional interview
  • the answers provided by you to get more insight into the perceived effects of and ways to use the Tovertafel. Your answers will be handled anonymously

All information collected as part of the research will be anonymised as soon as the data is no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected. Published results will always be anonymous.

How long do we store the data?

The received (personal) data will be treated confidentially and will not be kept longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the goals described above for which these data and recordings have been collected or used. The data will not be resold to third parties. 

What are your rights?

Consent can be withdrawn at any time, free of charge, by contacting Withdrawal of this permission does not work retroactively. This means that all processing of personal data that took place before the moment of withdrawal remains lawful.

More information

In our privacy policy that you can find on our website you can find more information about, for example, your rights and how we further handle the processing of personal data. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us via

How do you give your consent?

Would you like to participate in our survey as described above? Then please give your permission by ticking the checkbox at the beginning of the questionnaire.