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We are Tover. And we believe in the power of play. Playing contributes to loving care and an inclusive society. How do we do that? With serious games with a proven track record of positively influencing quality of life. Playing for a better existence. That’s what we call ‘purposeful play’.

In the interactive video below, we introduce ourselves and tell you how our warm technology is changing care. You are in control. Choose which topics you want to learn more about and discover the world of Tover!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. When did the company behind the Tovertafel start?
A. Our CEO Hester Anderiesen Le Riche started her PHD research in 2009, which led to the development of the Tovertafel. In 2005 she founded Tover (back then called Active Cues) together with game developers Mathijs Konings and Sjoerd Wennekes and started selling the first Tovertafels in the Netherlands.

Q. Where is Tover based?
A. Tover’s headquarters are based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We have an office in Germany and are establishing an office in North-America. In 11 other countries we work together with local distribution partners.

Q. How many Tovertafels are in use already and where?
A. Over 5000 Tovertafels are in use worldwide – in 14 countries at the moment and we are still expanding. We started in the Netherlands, expanded all over Europe, to Oceania and now also in North America.


Q. When I buy a Tovertafel, what’s included in the price ($9,950 ?

A. The Tovertafel device, a Tover binder with an installation manual and a user manual, 2 standard ceiling mounts (provided with 2 sets of bolts and plugs to install the Tovertafel to a concrete ceiling), 2 power cables with plugs, 2 remote controls. Delivery to your front door. Two years of Open Play & Learn subscription* and all taxes and customs/import duties.

Q. Does the Tovertafel always come with a subscription?
A. Yes, Tovertafel 2 is an all in one concept and comes with the Open Play & Learn subscription included for a period of at least 2 years.

Q. What happens after the 2 year subscription expires?
A. After the 2 year period the Open Play & Learn subscription is automatically renewed for one year. If you do not wish to prolong your subscription please inform us timely. After the OP&L has ended, you will have eternal access to 10 standard games including updates (critical system & game updates for as long as the device is supported).

Q. Are taxes and import duties included in the price?
A. Yes the price of $9,950 includes all taxes and import duties

Service, maintenance, installation & Warranty

Q. What happens when there is a problem with my Tovertafel?
A. Please get in contact with our service department, we will remotely assist with diagnosing the problem. If we are unable to resolve the problem, our service team will arrange for the collection of your Tovertafel. This will be replaced with an interim service unit ( loan device ) until such time that your Tovertafel has been repaired and returned to you.

Q. How do I get in touch with Tover?
A. Please send an email to our service department, a meeting/call will be coordinated with you.

Q. Who will install the Tovertafel?
A. The Tovertafel can be easily installed by yourself. Please refer and adhere to the Installation manual included in the box or to the ‘My Tover’ environment for supporting installation videos.

Q. How long is the warranty and what falls under it?
A. The warranty period is valid for a period of two years. Please refer to the Warranty Card and General Terms and Conditions attached in the offer.

Open Play & Learn subscription

Q. What exactly is the Open Learn subscription?
A. Open Play & Learn gives you full access to all games for your target group (30 games with new games added each year) and access to our online environment ‘My Tover’ where you will be able to find learning modules, inspiration, videos and much more to get the most out of your Tovertafel.

Q. How many people in our company can get access to My Tover?
A. Any staff in your care center can get access to ‘My Tover’, there is no limit to the number of accounts you can obtain.

Q. For who are the games designed (stage dementia)?
A. Our games are developed for people with early mid to late stage dementia.

Q. How many games are there in the subscription?
A. There are 30 games in the subscription and each year we will add new content or a couple of new games to the subscription portfolio.

Q. How are these games divided for the different stages of dementia?
A. The majority of games are developed for people in a later stage of dementia. (The late mid stage and late stage to be precise). There are also games for people in an earlier mid stage of dementia. All games have an indication for which stage of dementia they are best suitable.
Tover continues to develop and upload new games to your Tovertafel, for all stages of dementia.

Q. Do I need to connect the Tovertafel to the internet?
A. The device can be used without a connection to the internet. However, Tover regularly releases software updates containing new games, content, security patches, etc. which can be uploaded via the internet. To get the most out of your Tovertafel and Open Play & Learn subscription, we advise to set up a reliable internet connection.

Technical product

Q. What are the dimensions of the Tovertafel?
A. 340x310x205 mm (without handle) (13.4 x 12.2 x 8.0 inch)

Q. How much does the Tovertafel weigh?
A. The Tovertafel only weighs 8.3 kg (18.3 lbs)

Q: What type of projector is inside?
A: BenQ MW632ST

Q: How many mounts are included?
A: 2x standard ceiling mounts (complete ) are included with the Tovertafel, with long extension tube(s) as an additional order option

Q: For which ceiling heights is the mounting system suited?
A: The standard ceiling mounts are suited for ceilings heights between 98 inch (249 cm) and 121.7 inch (309 cm). For ceilings higher than 121.7 inch (309 cm), an additional long extender can be purchased so the Tovertafel can be installed on ceilings that reach up to 153.15 inch (389 cm).

Q: How many pixels does the projector have
A: The resolution (horizontal x vertical) is 1280 x 800 pixels

Q: What is the brightness of the projector?
A: 3200 ANSI-lumens

Q: What is TPU technology?
A: TPU stands for ‘Tensor Processing Unit’. The TPU runs an artificial neural network that recognises hands and gestures in order to provide players with the most optimal and intuitive experience possible.

Q: Is the Tovertafel certified?
A: Yes


Use of the Tovertafel

Q.  Do I need a special table?
A. No you can use any type of table you like, light and matt surfaces work best with the projections.

Q. Does the room have to be dark or can there be daylight in order to use the Tovertafel well?
A. The Tovertafel works in almost all light conditions, because the projections are bright and crisp. However, it’s best to prevent direct sunlight and/or moving shadows on the projected area.

Q. How can I train my personnel in using the Tovertafel?
A. The online environment ‘My Tover’ has 3 extensive learning modules with a lot of instruction videos and tutorials to get your staff trained in using the Tovertafel.


Q. How long is the lead time between purchase and delivery?
A. 3-5 weeks from the date of full payment received.

Q. What is the earliest delivery date?
A. The earliest delivery date is end of April 2021

Q. Is my Tovertafel insured during delivery?
A. Yes, your Tovertafel is insured up until to your doorstep.