The clinical benefits of the Tovertafel: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The Tovertafel has been specifically studied for effectiveness, and independent research at Delft University of Technology and VU University of Amsterdam has found that it increases physical activity, breaks through apathy, reduces restless and tense behavior, reduces negative emotions and increases focus.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently put the Tovertafel in the spotlight, highlighting its benefits for residents of care communities.

Improvement in mood

The article looks specifically at Tover ambassador Kimberly Salvio, the director of Providence Point’s memory support program, and how helpful the Tovertafel has been in supporting her staff and residents.

Ms. Salvio notes that even though the table is not listed as a clinical device, “the benefit of it is very clinical because we can see a definite improvement in a resident’s demeanor or affect or mood when they’re playing it”.

She goes on to share that residents use the table during scheduled times or whenever they need calm or connection. Particularly during periods of “sundowning” – the anxious state the elderly people with memory loss often experience in the afternoon.

To read more about how the Tovertafel and its games are helping individuals with dementia, see the full article here.