Tovertafel on Mashable

Tovertafel is conquering the hearts of American care homes. Renowned global news platform Mashable featured the groundbreaking care innovation in their ‘Future Blink’ section. Watch the video ‘Play with a purpose’ below.

“A sneak peek at the innovations that will change our everyday lives in the future” – Future Blink

Improving quality of life with serious games

The Tovertafel is a complete interactive serious games system specifically designed for dementia care and intellectual disability care. With this care innovation we aim to improve the players quality of life. How do we achieve this? Through stimulating social interaction, movement, cognitive exercise and much more!

The Tovertafel…

  • …has been proven to be effective for people with cognitive challenges
  • …improves quality of work for care professionals as well quality of life for their clients
  • …is easy to use on any surface
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