Purposeful Play Webinar for Challenging Behaviours With Teepa Snow and Carrie Aalberts

teepa snpw dementia darling

As a care professional, managing challenging dementia-related behaviors is an important aspect of your daily duties. In our recent webinar featuring renowned dementia care specialists Teepa Snow and Carrie Aalberts, we explored common triggers and causes of challenging behaviors in people with dementia. 

In the 30-minute webinar, renowned dementia care specialist Teepa Snow, shed light on the common triggers and causes of challenging behaviors in people living with dementia (PwLD)  and provided different approaches using the GEMS® State Model. Carrie Aalberts, also known as Dementia Darling, shared tips on leveraging purposeful play as a means of enhancing the well-being of PLwD in a person-centered care approach and will showcase the Tovertafel as an innovative tool for managing and reducing challenging- dementia behaviors through the different stages of dementia. 

We have written about the three valuable insights from the webinar, focusing on how purposeful play can enhance the well-being of people living with dementia (PLwD) and the benefits the Tovertafel can bring to them. 

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