“For every resident we can use the Tovertafel”

The Dr.-Karl-Hohner-Heim care home in Trossingen (St. Franziskus Stiftung Heiligenbronn) was one of the first institutions in southern Germany to purchase a Tovertafel. It was such a success that three are already in use! Care manager Simone Höschle explains why the care innovation has made such an impact for them.

How did the Tovertafel convince you?

“During a demonstration, it was clear what magical effect the Tovertafel has. The residents immediately started playing with the leaves that were projected onto the table. Even our 100-year-old resident was in her element. She was having so much fun wiping the swirling leaves off the table that she didn’t want to stop! Everyone was standing around her, amazed how into the games she was. It blew us away, so we spontaneously decided to buy a Tovertafel!”

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“Our residents often come up with ideas to make the games even more exciting. While playing Leaves, a resident said: ‘I need a broom!’. So we added a broom and a dustpan. We can use the Tovertafel at any time of the day and for every group of residents. It’s easy to find the right game for the right situation.”

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Why did you buy two more Tovertafels?

“We have three living rooms, including one for people with dementia. Until now we moved the Tovertafel to a different floor every month. But when the Tovertafel switched rooms, the residents of the other rooms really missed playing with it. That is why we decided to purchase two more Tovertafels.”

“Whatever the time of day or target group, there is always a suitable game!”

Simone Höschle, facility manager, elderly care home Dr.-Karl-Hohner-Heim, Germany

What would you advise other care institutions?

“In addition to elderly care, the Franziskus Foundation also provides care to disabled and young people. When I speak with colleagues, I always tell them about our experiences with the Tovertafel. Several homes for the elderly and people with intellectual disabilities have now purchased one. I would recommend any facility to try the Tovertafel for themselves. This innovation is fascinating, whoever tries it will be convinced!”

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